Impacto de Padrões de Comportamento Dinâmico e Malicioso na Eficácia de Máquinas de Busca Par-a-Par

Fabiano AtallaDaniel MirandaJussara AlmeidaMarcos André GonçalvesVirgílio Almeida

In an attempt to increase the spectrum of searchable information while attenuating scalability issues, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks have been viewed as an alternative way to design new Web search engines. However, the effectiveness of P2P Web searching may be severely limited by characteristics commonly observed in real P2P systems such as peer churn and malicious behavioral patterns. This paper analyzes the impact of these two aspects on the effectiveness of P2P Web searching. Our findings reveal that they can strongly affect the effectiveness of P2P Web searching, suggesting that the design of future P2P Web search engines will highly depend on new, application-specific reputation and incentive mechanisms.

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