Política de QoS com priorização bidimensional de acesso ao meio para redes IEEE 802.11

Marcelus GuirardelloOmar C. BranquinhoDébora M. FerreiraNorma Reggiani

This article presents a proposal of a politics to prioritize the access to the wireless medium, considering a two-dimensional analysis. The first dimension considers the transmission data rate that is related to the signal to noise ratio. The second dimension considers the type of service offered to the user. The goal is to offer to the network manager mechanisms to improve the network performance and minimize the effect of the 802.11 MAC anomaly. The prioritization proposal considers each access category (AC) of the 802.11e standard. The proposal uses the queues of different priorities and the change of parameters CWmin and AIFSN. The strategy permits that the station with highest data rate a greater chance to access the medium. This article presents, through analytical and experimental tests, the MAC anomaly and the effect of the prioritization strategy proposal, using the SNR information and the type of service, through the manipulation of CWmin and AIFSN.

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