CAC-RD: Controle de Admissão de Chamadas Para Redes UMTS

Carlos R. StorckAnna Izabel J. T. RibeiroFátima de L. P. Duarte-Figueiredo

This work proposes CAC-RD: a call admission control for UMTS (Universal Mobile Terrestrial System) networks. It is based on two QoS (Quality of Service) mechanisms: channel reservation and network diagnosis. It reserves dynamically some channels to handovers. When the network reaches certain thresholds of use, CAC-RD decides when to accept or not a new call. The priority class is the conversational one. Simulation results show that CAC-RD can guarantee network availability, with an average reduction of 40% and 11% in blockings of handovers and new classes, respectively. Thus, results indicate that CAC-RD guarantees access and QoS, keeping levels of commitment between performance and availability.

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