Um Middleware P2P Descentralizado para a Computação de Workflows

Thiago S. SiqueiraEdmundo R. M. Madeira

P2P Computing has been raised as an alternative and complementary solution to Grid Computing. The use of P2P technology is able to provide a flexible and decentralized execution and management of Grid workflows. In this paper we present a completely decentralized P2P middleware for workflow computing. The middleware collects the shared processing power of the peers in order to execute workflows, modeled as DAG structures, composed of a set of dependent tasks. Through a distributed scheduling algorithm and a leasing-based fault tolerance mechanism, the middleware achieves high execution parallelism and efficient execution recovery in failure occurrences. The middleware is implemented in Java, through RMI and the JXTA library. The obtained experimental results show the efficiency of the middleware in the distributed execution of workflows as well as the fast execution recovery.

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