VEER: Um Algoritmo de Seleção de Pares em Redes Ad Hoc Veiculares

Sávio Rodrigues CavalcantiMiguel Elias M. CampistaFehmi Ben AbdesslemLuís Henrique M. K. CostaMarcelo Dias de Amorim

This paper introduces Veer, a peer selection algorithm for vehicular ad hoc networks running peer-to-peer file exchange applications. Contrary to existing approaches that basically consider vehicular networks as ordinary mobile ad hoc networks, Veer relies on the individual mobility patterns of the vehicles when making peer selection, and this at low control overhead. In Veer, replies are only sent by peers that share part of their trajectories with the requesting node. The file transfer is then scheduled to the time interval when both vehicles meet. In this way, Veer avoids multi-hop file transfers, thus reducing contention areas and increasing the global capacity of the network. We show through extensive simulation that using such an opportunistic one-hop transfer mechanism gives better results than multi-hop file tranfers. In order to support our simulation results, we show through real experiments the capacity of car-to-car links with off-the-shelf hardware.

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