Uma Análise do Roteamento em Redes com Diversidade Cooperativa e Canais com Desvanecimento

Daniel de O. CunhaOtto Carlos M. B. DuarteGuy Pujolle

This paper analyzes routing on cooperative diversity networks and proposes the choice of routes based on the long term behavior of the links. According to our results, cooperation-aware routes are more stable than non-cooperative routes where cooperation is used opportunistically. Moreover, greedy algorithms based on the instantaneous conditions of the channels are suboptimal on fading networks. On these networks, the end-to-end success probability presented by cooperation-aware routes based on the long-term behavior of the channels are from 15 to 19% superior than those presented by greed cooperation-aware routes. The obtained gain is more significant on hybrid networks, where cooperative and non-cooperative nodes coexist. In this scenario, the end-to-end success probabilities presented by routes chose based on the long-term behavior of the links are from 38 to 74% superior.

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