Autoconfiguração de Endereços Baseada em Filtros de Bloom para Redes Ad Hoc

Natalia Castro FernandesOtto Carlos M. B. Duarte

In this paper, we propose the Bloom Filter based address autoconfiguration protocol for ad hoc networks (FIBRA). The goal of our protocol is to dynamically allocate addresses in ad hoc networks with high efficiency in solving address collisions and reducing control traffic volume, even with packet losses. We present a probabilistic analysis of address collisions and discuss Bloom Filter functionalities in the address autoconfiguration. We evaluate the performance of FIBRA for mobile and static scenarios, and in the presence of network partitions. Simulation results show that FIBRA reduces up to 13 times the control traffic when compared to the other address autoconfiguration protocols analyzed and solves all the address collisions, using a few node resources.

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