Análise Comparativa de Simuladores de Redes Baseados em Pacotes versus Simuladores Utilizando Abstração de Fluidos

Acélio Sousa Carvalho de AguiarMarcial Porto FernandezJorge Luiz de Castro e SilvaJeandro de Mesquita Bezerra

In traditionals network simulators, all packets that pass through the network receive individual treatment of the events that occur on them. When high rates of transmission are simulated, this scheme causes large computational cost resulting in a delayed process to obtain the desired results. A simulator that works on fluid abstraction level treats all flows of the network on a continuous basis and through resolution of differential equations modeled on the behavior of the network. We performed several tests of accuracy and performance on fluid simulators and packets simulators. The results pointed out that this new method may be able to achieve rapid and accurate enabling a new technique for evaluating performance of high-speed networks.

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