Regente: Um Arcabouço para Gerenciamento Eficiente de Orquestrações de Serviços Web

Cássio J. S. FreirePaulo F. PiresFlavia C. DelicatoMaria Luiza M. CamposLuci PirmezMarcel Oliveira

Web services orchestration can be executed using either centralized or disperse (decentralized) models. Several studies suggest that the disperse model performs better in terms of throughput, scalability and response time. However, such assumption does not always hold since the efficiency of each model depends on variants like the orchestration specification and the organization of nodes that provide the Web services and the orchestration engine in the network. This work presents Regente, an infrastructure that optimizes the execution of Web services orchestrations through strategies for choosing the most suitable execution model based on such variants. To validate the proposed strategies, a set of simulations were carried on with different orchestration specifications and network topologies.

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