Algoritmo para geração automática de ações de rollback em sistemas de gerenciamento de mudanças em TI

Guilherme Sperb MachadoWeverton Luis da Costa CordeiroAlan Diego dos SantosCristiano Bonato BothLuciano Paschoal GasparyLisandro Zambenedetti GranvilleClaudio BartoliniAkhil SahaiDavid TrastourKatia Saikoski

The current research on IT change management has been exploring several aspects of this new discipline, but it usually assumes that changes expressed in Request for Changes (RFC) documents will be successfully executed over the managed IT infrastructure. This assumption, however, is not realistic in actual IT systems because failures during the execution of changes do happen and cannot be ignored. In order to address this issue, this paper uses a model where change plan activities can be expressed as atomic transactions. Once change plan activities are marked as atomic, associated rollback actions must be present to avoid inconsistent states in case of system failures. There- fore, this paper focuses in the generation of these rollback actions, presenting the algorithm for such computation.

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