Arquitetura de uma Ferramenta e Técnicas de Visualização para Medições sobre Tráfego SNMP

Ewerton Monteiro SalvadorLisandro Zambenedetti Granville

In march 2006 the IRTF proposed an approach for the measurement of SNMP traffic. However, this approach has some limitations, such as: absence of data visualization techniques and lack of integration among the necessary tools for supporting the approach. This paper proposes an architecture for a Web-based tool that automates, in an integrated fashion, the execution of the IRTF approach's steps. Visualization techniques have been also developed in order to properly present the results of the analyses of SNMP traffics. An implementation of this architecture, named Management Traffic Analyzer, has been used for studying SNMP traffic samples from the Brazilian National Education and Research Network (RNP).

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