Zé Carioca LES - Finalista da Competição Agent Reputation Trust (ART) Testbed

Andrew Diniz da CostaFábio A. SoaresSérgio C. AzevedoCarlos J. P. LucenaViviane T. Silva

Nowadays there are many situations where knowing the truth about those that are negotiating becomes very important. Aiming to stimulate the creation and comparison of techniques that allow to define and to use reputations in Multi-Agent Systems, the competition Agent Reputation Trust (ART) Testbed pertaining to the Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS) conference was created. Thus, software's agents were developed to participate, such as the Ze Carioca LES agent, finalist in 2007. This paper aims to demonstrate the strategies that have been used by the agent and to offer a general vision of the domain of the competition.

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