Towards an Ontology-based Framework for Building Multiagent Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Ig BittencourtEvandro CostaHyggo AlmeidaBaldoino FonsecaGuilherme MaiaIvo CaladoAlan Silva

Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) are inherently complex, domain-oriented software systems which are frequently pointed out by researchers as suitable applications for the multi-agent approach. Developing and maintaining Multi-agent ITS are a hard task since it involves different stakeholders, with different expert and roles, such as developers, for developing new software features; domain experts, for managing ITS knowledge domain; authors, for customizing ITS execution for a given context; and users, which are not aware about ITS complexity and require a friendly user interface to interact with the system. Some works have been proposed to support the development of ITS, but they do not consider the stakeholders involved in the whole development and maintenance processes. In this paper we present a framework for designing, developing, and maintenance of Multi-agent ITS. This framework aims to be useful to ITS developers, domain experts, authors and users, providing a different view for each stakeholder, with different tools to support their activities. Indeed, it is introduced the first steps towards the framework architecture, design, and extension points, detailing how to customize them for specific domains focusing mainly on developers. Finally, to illustrate our proposal approach a case study is presented.

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