Aplicações com Clusterização Data Mining System Oriented to Population Databases for Cancer

Joaquín Pérez OrtegaFátima HenriquesRodolfo PázosLaura Cruz-ReyesGerardo Reyes-SalgadoJesús Salinas-CamachoAdriana Mexicano Santoyo

This work addresses the problem of discovering patterns of interest in population databases for cancer. In particular, the experimental results obtained by a data mining system are shown, which was developed specifically for this type of databases. The k-means algorithm was used for the generation of patterns, which permits expressing patterns as regions or groups of districts with affinity in their localization and mortality rate parameters. The source databases used in this investigation were obtained from Mexican official institutions. As a result of the application of the system, a set of grouping patterns was generated, which defines the mortality distribution for stomach cancer in Mexican districts.

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