Uma Estratégia para o Teste de Componentes utilizando a Técnica de Teste Estrutural

Vânia Somaio TeixeiraMárcio Eduardo DelamaroAuri Marcelo Rizzo Vincenzi

The use of components in the software development brings benefits in terms of quality and productivity. On the other hand, it has added complexity to a few activities like software testing. In this context, there are two different perspectives: one from the component developer and other from the component user. Among the main problems related to the test of component-based applications is the lack of information exchanged between these two perspectives. The developer does not know the contexts where the component will be used and the user ignores how the component was validated or what its validation requirements are. In this work we propose the use of structural coverage measures produced by the developer as an aid to the integration of the component in a user application. Such information is appended to the component code as metadata generated by a tool that automatizes this process.

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