A Complete and Minimal Set of Algebraic Laws for Feature Models

Rohit GheyiTiago MassoniPaulo Borba

Adoption strategies for Software Product Lines (SPL) frequently involve bootstrapping existing products into a SPL, and extending an existing SPL to encompass another product. There are several advantages in doing that using program refactorings. There is an existing extended notion for refactoring product lines. It involves not only program refactorings, but also feature model (FM) refactorings, in order to improve configurability. However, it is difficult to define new sound FM refactorings because the catalog proposed so far is incomplete. In this paper, we propose a sound and complete catalog of algebraic laws, which are a special kind of FM refactorings that preserve configurability. The catalog is also minimal in the sense that one law cannot be derived from another one. We present a theory for FMs within a theorem prover.

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