Weighted Overlay, Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks for Estimating Vegetation Vulnerability within the Ecological Economical Zoning of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Luis M. T. de CarvalhoMoises S. RibeiroLuciano T. de OliveiraThomaz C. A. OliveiraJulio N. LouzadaJosé R. S. ScolforoAntonio D. Oliveira

This paper describes the research carried out within the framework of the Ecological Economical Zoning of Minas Gerais (ZEE-MG) to model vegetation vulnerability derived by a number of spatial inference methods. Methods based on weighted overlay, fuzzy logic, and neural networks were compared in terms of visual similarity between maps, the degree of restrictiveness concerning vulnerability, and the easiness of implementation. It was concluded that weighted overlay is the best approach to be used within the ZEE-MG.

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