An Architecture Based on Multi-Agent Systems and Geographic Databases for the Development of Georeferenced Ecological and Social Simulations

Pablo Souza GrigolettiAntonio Carlos da Rocha Costa

This work is situated in the intersection of 4 different areas: Social Simulations, Ecological Simulations, Multi-Agent Systems and Geocomputing. Its main objective is to propose a multi-agent architecture designed for the development and execution of geographically referenced social and ecological simulations, that is, social and ecological simulations that use geographically referenced data taken from a Geographic Database, supporting the dynamic modeling of social and/or ecological systems. First of all, is introduced the motivations and objectives of the development of this new architecture, detailing the advantages of join these 4 areas, and the needs of the existent architectures. The features of this architecture and a complete study case are presented too. Finally, a comparison with others architectures and the conclusions are described.

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