A Service-Oriented Architecture for Progressive Transmission of Maps

David Cavassana CostaMario Meireles TeixeiraAnselmo Cardoso de PaivaClaudio de Souza Baptista

The Internet creates an environment suitable to spatial data share, allowing the users to transmit, visualize, manipulate and interact with them. This environment not only allows new opportunities for geospatial data use, but also introduces new problems that must be managed to permit these data to be used in an effective and useful way. One of such problems is related to the use of these data with small network bandwidth. This work presents an architecture based on Gis Services for the progressive transmission of vector maps in the Internet, anticipating the rasterization process in the server side, thus reducing the amount of data to be transmitted to the client. The architecture proposed uses all the advantages of Gis Services, that are becoming a standard in the construction of Gis applications based on services.

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