A Computer Vision Framework for Remote Eye Gaze Tracking

Marcio R. M. MimicaCarlos H. Morimoto

Eye gaze tracking devices allow us to estimate the direction of gaze and when used in computer systems, they can be used to compute the point of regard on a monitor screen. Such devices have been used in computer interfaces for people with disabilities, but significant advances are still required until eye gaze tracking (EGT) can be effectively used in the development of better computer interfaces. In order to improve the EGT technology, in particular those based on computer vision techniques, it is necessary to create a testbed where new devices, algorithms, and techniques can be evaluated. This paper presents a survey of current EGT techniques, and a computer vision framework that will help the development and evaluation of such techniques. Experiments using the calibration procedure used by the EGT device developed in our laboratory show the precision of the calibration function. Higher accuracy of the results is achieved using synthetic images generated by ray tracing, from a physical based model of the eye.

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