Using Efficient Visual Exploration Techniques to Evaluate Features for Content-based Image Retrieval

José Fernando Rodrigues Jr.César A. B. CastanónCaetano Traina Jr.Agma J. M. Traina

This paper presents a novel visual approach to evaluate, in a fast and effective way, the development of new image feature extraction techniques concerning content-based image retrieval. This new approach takes advantage of an interactive 3-dimensional visualization fed by the image features obtained through a given extraction technique under analysis. Using controlled test image datasets, the researcher can literally “see” the discrimination power of the image features. This new approach gives a very good insight of the behavior of a given image features extractor algorithm, without the need of employing the costly techniques of information retrieval based on the well-known precision and recall measurements. We applied the visual approach proposed onto a wavelet-based image retrieval system, which is supporting the development of a Picture Archiving and Communication System that allows to retrieve images by content.

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