Sulcal Lines Extraction for Cortex Characterization in Cerebral MR Images using the Image Foresting Transform

Gabriela CastellanoRoberto de Alencar LotufoAlexandre FalcãoFernando Cendes

In this work we describe an approach to extract sulcal lines from cerebral MRI data using the Image Foresting Transform. This technique, based on graph theory, provides a sound framework for the implementation of many image processing operators, and has been successfully applied to the solution of many problems, including some in medical imaging. We show the results of applying the technique to slices of MRI data from four subjects and compare these to the computation of the morphological skeleton and to the conditional thickening. A shorter version of this paper has already been submitted to ICIP 2003, but the comparison to the conditional thickening has only been presented in this paper. Also, we present a correction in the IFT procedure which prevents the sulcal lines from breaking.

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