Reengenharia de Software para Plataformas Distribuídas Orientadas a Objetos

Ana Paula FukudaAntônio Francisco PradoElisângela Sato de Jesus

This paper presents a reengineering strategy that rebuilds system legacies, turning them operational in new hardware and software platforms. Starting from the source code of the legacy system its organization carried out according to the principles of object orientation, using techniques of the Fusion/RE approach. After organized according to the object orientation paradigm, the code is transformed to MDL modeling language specifications. These specifications are imported by the CASE tool Rational Rose, obtaining the oriented object project of legacy system. In Rational Rose tool the Software Engineer can redesign the system, distributing its objects in a Client/Sever architecture using techniques of Catalysis method. After redesigned, the distributed oriented objects systems is persisted again im MDL modeling languages specifications. Finally, the system is automatically reimplemented in an object oriented language. Aiming to explore new ideas in the area of software generators, the transformational system Draco-PUC and the Rational Rose tool as main technologies for this project were adopted.

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