Querying Geographical Data Warehouses With GeoMDQL

Joel da SilvaAusberto S. Castro VeraAnjolina G. de OliveiraRobson do N. FidalgoAna C. SalgadoValéria C. Times

Integrating geographical and multidimensional processing has been proposed in several researches in the database literature. One of the most important issues of this process is data querying. However, most of the current approaches do not take into account the use of a query language to make the simultaneous specification of multidimensional and spatial operators available. In this paper, we present GeoMDQL, which is a geographical-multidimensional query language, specifically been designed for SOLAP environments. GeoMDQL is based on well-known standards such as the MDX language and OGC Simple Features Specification for SQL. We present here the GeoMDQL grammar and a discussion regarding the taxonomy and syntax of GeoMDQL query types. Additionally, some aspects related to the GeoMDQL architecture implementation are shown together with a case study description to illustrate the proposed query language syntax.

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