Um Metamodelo para a Especificação de Data Warehouses Geográficos

Rafael FonsecaRobson FidalgoJoel da SilvaValéria Times

The decision-making processses can be supported by many tools such as DW (Data Warehouse), OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) and GIS (Geographical Information System). Much research found in literature is aimed at integrating these technologies. However, the metamodeling of spatial and dimensional schemas for GDW (Geographical DW) is still an open question. In this context, this paper proposes GeoDWM (Geographical Data Warehouse Metamodel), that defines a set of pictograms and specifies how different kinds of dimensions and measures (both conventional and geographical) can be organized and associated to model the dimensional schema of a GDW. GeoDWM is based on the CWM and OGC standards and on the concepts provided by GeoDWFrame. To validate the metamodel, a CASE tool and a case study based on meteorological data were developed.

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