A Study in Market-Driven Requirements Engineering

RepliX: Um Mecanismo para a Replicação de Dados XMLra

Carina AlvesSilvia PereiraJaelson Castro

Flávio R. C. SousaHeraldo J. A. Carneiro FilhoRossana M. C. AndradeJavam C. Machado

Packaged software is recognised as an important segment of software market. Market-driven software development consists of developing packaged software to a market rather than to a specific client. It has been argued that the requirements engineering process for market-driven software differs from customer specific software. This paper presents a study on market-driven requirements engineering. We present ten hypotheses we have collected from the literature in this field. We discuss the implications of these hypotheses and identify areas to conduct further research. XML has become a widely used standard for data exchange in applications. Native XML DBMS are being developed to manage this data type.Such systems implement several characteristics that are common to traditional database systems. However, few of them provide replication mechanisms. The group communication abstraction is an efficient technology for implementing replication protocols since it provides reliability guarantees. This paper presents RepliX, a mechanism for XML data replication based on group communication.In order to evaluate RepliX, experiments measuring performance and availability were conducted.

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