An Electrocardiogram (ECG) Domain Ontology

Bernardo GonçalvesGiancarlo GuizzardiJosé Gonçalves Pereira Filho

This paper presents an ontology of the electrocardiogram domain. The ontology purpose is to bring in a theory of the electrocardiogram (ECG). The ECG is the most applied test for mapping the heart activity. Notably with the recent advances in information and communication technologies, new services in Healthcare have been provided, standing out remote reporting and telemonitoring. In this context the ECG has a key usefulness. However, the diversity of biomedical data combined to heterogeneous information systems have been inhibited these advances in Healthcare environments. This initiative then addresses the need for semantic interoperability, in general, and data integration, in particular, in Health Informatics. Besides, it also provides an approach for developing ECG automatic analysis systems.

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