Semantic-based Connectivity in a Peer Data Management System

Carlos Eduardo Santos PiresAna Carolina SalgadoBernadette Farias Lóscio

In the last years, Peer Data Management Systems (PDMS) came into the focus of research as a natural extension to distributed databases in the peer-to-peer (P2P) context. PDMS are P2P networks where every contributing peer has its own data and intends to share parts of its data with other peers. The main data management issues that a PDMS must deal with when sharing structured and semi-structured data are the identification of schema mappings and the query processing. Such issues can be facilitated if an efficient strategy for peer connectivity is employed, for example, grouping semantically similar peers within semantic communities. In this case, better quality semantic mappings can be generated, enhancing query results. Also, queries can be addressed only to relevant peers, minimizing network traffic and improving system scalability. In this work, we propose an approach for semantic-based peer connectivity in a PDMS. Such PDMS provides a P2P infrastructure that facilitates identification of semantic mappings and query processing. The data shared by peers are represented through ontologies which are employed for grouping peers within semantic communities and clusters. Due to the dynamic behavior of peers, approaches for load balancing of semantic clusters and fault tolerance are also proposed.

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