Uma Estratégia para a Gerência de Dados de Workflows Científicos no Contexto da Bioinformática

Amanda MattosMarta Mattoso

The management of scientific data involved with in-silico experiments is a difficult task for Scientific Workflows Management Systems because each scientific domain, like bioinformatics or geology, has schemas, metadata and ontologies adjusted for its specific context. Scientific Workflows Management Systems (SWfMSs) commonly proposes simple data schemas that do not substitute domain specific data schemas and it is not easy to couple these schemas to SWfMSs. Our strategy considers definition, execution and data provenance solutions proposed by the main SWfMSs and aims to suggest a service that can be connected to one of these SWfMSs. With this service it will be possible to specify which data to store and in which domain schema representation to use. Moreover, we propose a service to provide the automatic workflow produced data mapping to the chosen schema, supporting data provenance and analysis.

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