Integration Testing of Aspect-oriented programs: a Characterization Study to Evaluate how to Minimize the Number of Stubs

Reginaldo RéPaulo Cesar Masiero

A problem related to the integration test of object-oriented programs is the order that classes are integrated and tested. This problem also appears in aspect-oriented programs. The incremental integration strategy, which suggests that classes are tested first and then integrated to the aspects, is often proposed as the more adequate strategy to integrate classes and aspects. This work presents a study about ordering classes and aspects in aspect-oriented programning to minimize the number of stubs in integration testing. A characterization study in which a Telecom system is integrated in four different orders is reported. The ordering strategies analyzed were the combined, which is an extension of an optmized OO strategy; incremental+, which is the incremental order improved; reverse, which is the combined reverse order; and, random, which was aleatorily defined.

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