Pairwise Structural Testing of Object and Aspect-oriented Java Programs

Ivan Gustavo FranchinOtávio Augusto Lazzarini LemosPaulo Cesar Masiero

Most structural testing approaches are targeted at units of implementation (i.e., unit testing). A problem that is not addressed by unit testing is the interaction among units, with respect to the correctness of their interfaces. We present a structural integration testing approach for object-oriented (OO) and aspect-oriented (AO) Java programs as an extension of a unit testing approach we have developed before. To make the activity feasible, instead of considering arbitrary call depths, we address the testing of pairs of units. We propose a model called PWDU (PairWise Def-Use) graph to represent the control and data-flow of pairs of units. Based on the PWDU, three testing criteria are defined: all-pairwise-integrated-nodes, all-pairwise-integrated-edges (control- flow based criteria), and all-pairwise-integrated-uses (a data-flow based crite- rion). We also present the implementation of our approach as an extension to the Java Bytecode Understanding and Testing (JaBUTi) family of testing tools along with an example of usage.

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