Static Analysis of Java Bytecode for Domain-specific Software Testing

Márcio E. DelamaroPaulo A. NardiOtávio LemosPaulo C. MasieroEdmundo S. SpotoJosé C. MaldonadoAuri M. R. Vincenzi

Software testing is an important and expensive activity of the software development process. Techniques and tools are essential to improve test quality and productivity. Structural testing is a technique that uses characteristics such as control-flow and data-flow structures to derive testing requirements. By ex ercising such testing requirements the tester supposedly provides test cases that improve the software quality. Structural testing requires several activities that make use of code analysis, in general performed on the program source code. With the advent of Java it has become usual to perform such analysis directly on the bytecode instead of the source code, with a number of advantages. In this paper we discuss how to use the characteristics of Java bytecode analysis and how to extend it to implement structural criteria for two specific domains: aspect oriented programs and database applications.

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