Analyzing Class and Crosscutting Modularity with Design Structure Matrixes

Márcio de Medeiros RibeiroMarcos DóseaRodrigo BonifácioAlberto Costa NetoPaulo BorbaSérgio Soares

Modularization of crosscutting concerns is the main benefit provided by Aspect-Oriented constructs. However, it does not address class modularity adequately. In order to assess both class and crosscutting modularity of AO systems, we use Design Structure Matrixes (DSMs) to analyze three different versions (OO, AO, and AO using design rules) of a real software application. We observed that, in the last version, coupling between classes and aspects is reduced, yielding a more modular design, specially when considering semantic dependencies between them. In addition, we apply new design parameters that represent a more realistic software development process.

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