Checklist to Characterize Ubiquitous Software Projects

Rodrigo O. SpínolaJobson MassollarGuilherme H. Travassos

OBJECTIVE: To find ubiquitous computing characteristics and propose a checklist for characterizing software projects regarding ubiquity. METHOD: To run systematic reviews to understand: 1) ubiquitous computing, 2) its main characteristics, and 3) its specific factors. After that, to configure and evaluate the checklist. RESULTS: 116 papers were analyzed resulting in the current definition for ubiquitous computing and the identification of 10 characteristics (associated with 123 functional and 45 restrictive factors) that have been organized into a checklist to characterize ubiquitous software projects. Eight self-nominated ubiquitous software projects were used to evaluate the checklist. None of them could be characterized as 100% ubiquitous. CONCLUSION: The current definition of ubiquitous computing embraces concepts (characteristics and factors) that allow the characterization of software projects regarding ubiquity.However, additional research effort must be invested towards the understanding of ubiquitous characteristics influence in the software engineering.

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