A Paraconsistent Approach for Offer Evaluation in Negotiations

Fabiano M. HasegawaBráulio Coelho ÁvilaMarcos Augusto Hochuli Shmeil

The mission of an organization stands for its goals and also leads corrections likely to occur in the posture adopted by the organization before the society. In order to fulfill the goals of the organization, this one needs to interact with other components of the society. Within an organization each individual responsible for the sale and purchase of either commodities or services detains knowledge concerning possible values of the criteria used to represent a determined commodity or service which may be either offered or accepted in a negotiation. So, an offer may be seen as an inconsistency aroused between the previous knowledge owned by the negotiator and the offer. This article presents a Paraconsistent Approach based on a heuristic of multi-value decrement followed by formalization into Evidential Paraconsistent Logic to assess offers in a negotiation session. When compared to the Utility Value Approach, the paraconsistent one converges toward the negotiation ending with fewer interactions.

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