Using the Moise+ for a Cooperative Framework of MAS Reorganisation

Jomi Fred HübnerJaime Simão SichmanOlivier Boissier

Reorganisation within a multi-agent system may be managed by the agents themselves by adapting the organisation to both environmental changes and their own goals. In this paper, we propose an organisation-centred model for controlling this process. Using the Moise+ organisation model, we are able to define an organisational structure bearing on a reorganisation process along four phases: monitoring (when to reorganise), design (ways of building a new organisation), selection (how to choose an organisation), and implementation (how to change the current running organisation). The proposed reorganisation scheme is evaluated in the robot soccer domain where we have developed players that follow the team organisation specified in Moise+. A special group of agents may change this organisation, and thus the team behaviour, using reinforcement learning for the selection phase.

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