Recent Advances on Multi-agent Patrolling

Alessandro AlmeidaGeber RamalhoHugo SantanaPatricia Azevedo TedescoTalita MenezesVincent CorrubleYann Chevaleyre

Patrolling is a complex multi-agent task, which usually requires agents to coordinate their decision-making in order to achieve optimal performance of the group as a whole. In previous work, many patrolling strategies were developed, based on different approaches: heuristic agents, negotiation mechanisms, reinforcement learning techniques, techniques based on graph-theory and others. In this paper, we complement these studies by comparing all the approaches developed so far for this domain, using patrolling problem instances that were not dealt with before (i.e. new map topologies). The final results constitute a valuable benchmark for this domain, as well as a survey of the strategies developed so far for this task.

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