A Unified Architecture to Develop Interactive Knowledge Based Systems

Vladia PinheiroElizabeth FurtadoVasco Furtado

A growing need related to the use of knowledge-based systems (KBSs) is that these systems provide ways of adaptive interaction with the user. A comparative analysis of approaches to develop KBSs allowed us to identify a high functional quality level and a lack of integration of human factors in their frameworks. In this article, we propose an approach to develop adaptive and interactive KBSs that integrate works from the Knowledge Engineering and HCI areas, through the definition of a unified software architecture. A contribution of this work is the use of interaction patterns in order to define the interaction flow according to the user profile. These interaction patterns are defined for different kinds of interaction, such as, explanation, cooperation, argumentation or criticism. The reusable architecture components were implemented using Java and Protégé-2000, and they were used in a KBS for assessment of installments of tax debts.

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