Towards a Theory Revision Approach for the Vertical Fragmentation of Object Oriented Databases

Flavia CruzFernanda Araujo BaiãoMarta MattosoGerson Zaverucha

The performance of applications on Object Oriented Database Ma-nagement Systems (OODBs) is strongly affected by Distribution Design, which reduces irrelevant data accessed by applications and data exchange among sites. In an OO environment, the Distributed Design is a complex task, and an open research problem. In this work, we present a knowledge-based approach for the vertical fragmentation phase of the distributed design of object-oriented databases. In this approach, we show a Prolog implementation of a vertical fragmentation algorithm, and describe how it can be used as background knowledge for a knowledge discovery/revision process through In-ductive Logic Programming (ILP). The objective of the work is to extend our framework proposed to handle the class fragmentation problem, showing the viability of automatically improving the vertical fragmentation algorithm to produce more efficient fragmentation schemas, using a theory revision system. We do not intend to propose the best vertical fragmentation algorithm. We concentrate here on the process of revising a vertical fragmentation algorithm through knowledge discovery techniques, rather than only obtaining a final optimal algorithm.

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