Emotional Valence-Based Mechanisms and Agent Personality

Eugenio OliveiraLuís Sarmento

Artificial Intelligence is once again emerging from a pragmatic cycle and entering a more ambitious and challenging stage of development. Although the study of emotion in the realm of Artificial Intelligence is not totally new (Simon, Minsky and Sloman and Croucher), much more attention has been recently devoted to this subject by several researchers (Picard, Velasquez, Wright). This renewed effort is being motivated by trends in neuroscience (Damásio, LeDoux) that are helping to clarify and to establish new connections between high level cognitive processes, such as memory and reasoning, and emotional processes. These recent studies point out the fundamental role of emotion in intelligent behavior and decision-making. This paper describes an on-going work that intends to develop a practical understanding of models backing those solutions and aims at their integration in Agent Architectures, having always in mind the enhancement of agents' deliberation capabilities in dynamic worlds.

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