Multi-objective Memetic Algorithm Applied to the Automated Synthesis of Analog Circuits

Maria José P. DantasLeonardo da C. BritoPaulo Henrique Portela de Carvalho

In this paper, a Multi-objective Memetic Algorithm applied to the automated synthesis of analog circuits is proposed. The optimization of circuit topologies and their parameters are simultaneously carried out. A variable-size 2D circuit representation is used. In this approach, the initial solutions are created based on expert knowledge through the use of well-known buildingblocks and rules-based coupling schemes. The proposed genetic operators are specific to 2D encoding and they are capable of fomenting a balance between diversity and convergence. A local search process - the Simulated Annealing method - is applied in order to improve the circuit parameters. The results show that the proposed method generates, with small populations and few generations, small well-structured circuits which accomplish the specifications.

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