Using IDEF0 to Enhance Functional Analysis in MOISE+ Organizational Modeling

André Luiz Pimentel UruguayCelso M. Hirata

A proposal to use the Integrated Definition for Function Modeling (IDEF0) as a method for functional analysis in MOISE+ representation is presented. MOISE+ is composed of three types of specification: functional, structural and deontic. It is shown that IDEF0 can capture many context details during functional phase which facilitates the elicitation of initial beliefs, goals and plans for further cognitive agent design. IDEF0 also makes clear distinction between functional and process modeling (defined in IDEF3), leaving to the agent to choose the best process to try to perform a function. A case study involving the organizational modeling of an integrated air defense system with its command and control infrastructure is presented. The assessment of the case study shows how the visibility of inputs, outputs, controls and mechanisms can lead to an easier design of the agents. A multiagent-based simulation from the resulting organizational model is implemented using Belief-Desire-Intention (BDI) cognitive architecture in JADEX Agent System.

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