Intelligent Learning Objects: An Agent Approach to Create Reusable Intelligent Learning Environments with Learning Objects

Ricardo Azambuja SilveiraEduardo Rodrigues GomesRosa Maria Viccari

The possibility of reusing learning material is very important to designing learning environments for real-life learning. The reusability of learning material is based on three main features: modularity, discoverability and interoperability. Several researchers on Intelligent Learning Environments have proposed the use of Artificial Intelligence through architectures based on agent societies. Teaching systems based on Multi-Agent architectures make it possible to support the development of more interactive and adaptable systems. We proposed an approach where learning objects are built based on agent architectures. This paper discusses how the ILO approach can be used to improve the interoperability between learning objects and pedagogical agents. It presents the ILO Agent's communication mechanism and a case study.

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