Um Framework de Transmissão de Áudio e Video para Novos Serviços de Telecomunicações

Eliane G. GuimarãesEleri CardozoMareei BergermanMauricio F. Magalhães

Today, more and more telecommunication services are being offered through the Internet. These services are based on open standards including the World Wide Web and its related technologies (HTTP, HTML, XML, Java, etc.), TINA and CORBA. New telecommunication services demand multimedia communication and must be introduced and updated as soon as market demands have been detected. In this context, a component-based design is the best strategy for developing such services. This paper presents the design and implementation of a framework based on OMG standards for supporting multimedia communication as demanded by the new Internet Services. The component is based on the Java programming language, allowing its dyna- mic downloading to the user terminal via HTTP, as well as its interoperability with other CORBA-based services.

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