Suporte à Apresentação Adaptativa de Aplicações Multimidia em Sistemas Distribuidos

Roberto Uma GomesHerli J. de MenezesLuiz Fernando Rust da Costa CarmoLuci Pirmez

Multimedia presentations are applicable in various domains such as distance learning. Since multimedia documents may comprise continous medias, the presentation of those documents may require vast system resources due to the huge amount of data and to their QoS restraints. The avaiability of resources in a distributed environment at presentation time is variable and potentially unpredictable. Hence, it can happen that there are not sufficient resources to rendera multimedia document according to its specification, resulting in an arbitrary decrease of presentation's quality. To handle resource scarcity multimedia documents can be made adaptable to different resource availability. In mis paper we present a flexible formal to the specification of adaptable multimedia documents. An arquitecture over which are implemented two proposed adaptation mechanisms is discussed.

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