Um Meta Modelo para a Engenharia de Serviços de Telecomunicações

Sergio ColcherAntônio Tadeu A. GomesLuiz Fernando Gomes Soares

The Telecommunication Services Engineering is a new subject which aims to deal with specification, design, implementation, management and validation aspects of telecommunication services, as well as their deployment over current and future network architectures. One of its main challenges has been to guide the design of a communication infrastructure that allows: (i) the integration of a multitude of services in a single and efficient communication system, and (ii) the creation of an environment upon which these services can be rapidly and easily created, modified and continually adapted to new demands and conditions. Nevertheless, it has become a difficult task to find a sufficiently generic archicteture that acommodates the diversity of services and adaptations through simple parameterization or predefined options. A recently proposed alternative is to define models from which protocols and service architectures can be dynamically programmed or adapted along its life cycle. This work presents a model for the analysis and comparation of service adaptation and programming mechanisms on communication networks, providing a basis for the representation of QoS and multicasting aspects on communication services.

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