Um Ambiente de Especificação para Aplicações Destinadas ao Comercio Eletrônico

Marcia Garcia BaltarMaria Janilce B. Almeida

The facility in reaching and catching consumer's attention is one of the best attractives offered by electronic commerce. From enterprise's point of view, in order to get inserted into the market, U is necessary to care for the creation of a home page, which will enable commercialization of products through the network. In this context, this work presents a specification environment for electronic commerce applications, which is based on freeware Internet tools. Initially, a study was made on some of the several tools which have been used in electronic commerce. The adopted approach was to focus on the identification of the main characteristics of these tools. A real situation was also studied, among entrepreneurs of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, regarding problems and requirements related to electronic commerce, at local and global level. Finally, it is introduced the creation of a tool called 'CompraNet', whose main goal is administration, management and creation of virtual stores, while using as a payment method, the SET-F framework, which is based in the SET standard. The CompraNet tool has, as a main goal, the offering of support for a friendly and low-cost electronic commerce tool, in consideration to the final user.

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