Implementação de Transporte Robusto de Voz em Redes Baseadas em Protocolo IP

Rafael Flister MonteiroLuciano de ErricoHant Camille Yehia

The recent interest in solutions for voice Communications in IP-based networks is mainly because popularity of Internet as a cheap global mean of communication. However, the model of best-effort service of these networks impose restrictions that affect the quality of this kind of communication. This paper discuss techniques that allow a robust transport of voice in packet-switched networks using datagrams. First the text explains the main factors that degrade the quality in these networks, which are delay and packet losses. Measures of this factors in a real IP-based network environment are also presented. A set of techniques and features which allow a robust communication is presented. In sequence is detailed an application of full-duplex robust voice communication in IP-based networks, developed in Linux environment, which allow conversation of quality in situations of delays until 300 ms and packet loss rates until 25%.

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