Uma Arquitetura para Trafegos "Multicast" no Modelo de Serviços Diferenciados

Jefferson Magalhães de AzevedoLuci PirmezLuiz Fernando Rust da Costa CarmoOswaldo Vernet Souza Pires

This paper describes an architecture to use multicast with QoS in differentiated services model. That architecture aims at creating an Internet infrastructure for distance learning projects where multimedia interactive applications, like multimedia teleconferences and retrieving multimedia documents, are used. To perform the proposed multicast traffic, the architecture allows an advanced network resource verification and reserve in distribution tree branches of multicast session. This architecture is composed by a reservation system of network resources and differentiated service routers. These routers implement the "multicast premium" service through Expedited Fonvarding PHB. Three queuing disciplines were developed in the router schedule module: Priority Queuing, Deficit Round-Robin and to Start-Time Fair Queuing (a variant of WFQ). Two multicast routing protocols types are used such as MASC/BGMP interdomain protocol and a DVMRP intradomain protocol.

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