Certificados Digitais: Uma Ferramenta Desenvolvida com Base no Padrão SET

Tommy JakobsenMaria Janilce B. Almeida

E-Commerce will be one ofthe most important way to do business in the early future, however its growth has been slow because ofsecurity problems. The SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) standard, created in 1996 by a group of enierprises andentities, provides a high levei ofsecurity in electronic transactions over Internet, however it isn't a standard infact yet due to its high complexibility. SET is divided into two parts: thefirst defines the payment systems and the second defines the certificates management. In this paper will give an overview of the SET standard, its working, goals and features, as well as, the certificates management, the subject ofthe work which has been in developing in this moment. The large number of cryptographic processes, using algorithms like DES and RSA, the need of an efficient distributed certificate issuance, renewal and revocation model, and SET-compliant solution development complexity, are the main factors which had inhibited the faster and defmiiive SET's acceptance. In this context, in 1998, at UFRGS, was develop a set of applications named SET-F, which the main objective is ensuring the standard comprehension andprovide an easy way to use the payment systems. At this way, allowing the development of solutions based in it. Continuing this work, the next step is develop a new set of applications which will allow the certificates management, not within SET-F yei. This applications, will easy the use of a certificate management system and will provide a high levei of security to the SET-f Framework, through authenticating ali parties involved in the transaction.

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